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For years 65 year old George suffered with pain in both of his knees. He was only able to walk a block or two before having to take a break from his knees locking up. Since discovering CopperWear that has all changed! George can now walk for 5 to 6 blocks much easily and he can now walk up and down flights of stairs. The best part is George can now be an active part of his grand kids lives!

George loves the fact that once CopperWear is on it's so light and comfortable, he forgets he's wearing it!
George - CopperWear Testimnonial


CopperWear gave 66 year old Kathy her life back. At the age of 16, she sustained a gymnastics injury that required surgery. She was OK for many years and then her knee began acting up. The pain became so great that she was literally debilitated and felt life was passing her by. She couldn't play with her grand kids or dog.  Her daughter was using a CopperWear knee sleeve of her own and urged Kathy to try one. Although skeptical, Kathy decided to give it a try.

CopperWear has made a world of difference. She now lives relatively pain free and life no longer passes her by.
Kathy - CopperWear Testimnonial


Mark's life was changed immensely once he discovered the power of CopperWear.  A horse trainer and father to four teenaged boys, injuries sustained from his time in the Army followed him. He had knee pain, foot pain and carpal tunnel syndrome in his hands.

Mark now wears compression socks, knee sleeves, the shirt compression and gloves and his pain has been lessened tremendously. He's even been able to cut down on his pain medication.
Mark - CopperWear Testimnonial


Raj is 61 years old and has suffered with knee pain since he was 51 years old. His knee pain became more and more severe and his quality of life had diminished. Raj got to the point where he could barely make it up and down the stairs and was forced to stop driving his car. As a retail sales person, his condition really limited him. He couldn't function or even sleep well.

Since his daughter found Copper Wear, Raj's life is completely changed! He no longer suffers and feels that he's regained mobility. The knee sleeves provided immediate relief and gave him a quality of life back.
Raj - CopperWear Testimnonial


Cheryl had knee surgery about a year ago. While her mobility is back, she lacked the confidence to really put her knee to the test and sidelined herself from running around and playing hockey with her kids. It was very upsetting for her and her family.

That has all changed since discovering Copper Wear. The Copper Wear knee sleeve gives Cheryl support and stability and with that the confidence she needs to run around with her kids again!
Cheryl - CopperWear Testimnonial

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