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Features & Benefits

  • Effective compression provides excellent support to the muscles and joints of the knee during sports or exercise.
  • Enhances blood circulation for better performance
  • 30% more embedded copper for maximum anti-microbial protection, which will never wash out
  • Anti-odor technology keeps you fresh and dry all day
  • Snug yet flexible fit
  • 24/7 comfort, even while sleeping
  • Perfect for all activities and all seasons
  • Backed by our 60-day money back guarantee

The Secret

The secret is comfortable compression technology designed for the ultimate in flexibility. Copper Wear conforms to every contour of your body while maintaining constant compression.

Doctor Recommended

"Research shows that using compressive devices during exercise reduces the amount of muscle soreness after exercise. Compression provides a barrier against swelling and improves returned blood flow to the heart."

Dr. Cary Chaman - Orthopedic Surgeon

Copper Wear™ Is For Every One

Both men and women. Teens through seniors.

Five Star Reviews

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Jeff - Surgical Nurse/Father

"Jeff is a 42 year old surgical nurse and father of two. In addition to long hours on his feet in the OR and keeping up with two young kids, Jeff's passion is cycling and Mountain Biking.

Jeff uses CopperWear to recover, decrease soreness and stay competitive. He uses his CopperWear on the road and will even sleep in it to give his legs the comfortable support he needs."

Jim - Drives 600-800 Miles A Week

"Jim, 55 drives a whopping 600 to 800 miles a week delivering livestock feed and easily gets in and out of his truck up to 25 times a day! All of that sitting, driving and heavy lifting had begun to take its toll. Jim suffered with pain in his knees and hips but discovering CopperWear™ has changed all that!

Since wearing CopperWear on his knee and using the CopperWear compression shorts, Jim's pain has practically vanished!"

Jeff - Surgical Nurse/Father

"Colleen is a 44 year old active mom who plays volley ball, softball and soccer plus she coaches her girls' soccer teams! She became seriously worried that hip pain was going to slow her down. That's when she found CopperWear.

Ever since using CopperWear, Colleen has been practically pain free. She feels comfortable and amazing!"

60-Day Money Back Guarantee
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